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Hey guys I've had my ledglow lightbar in the garage forever cause I kept forgetting to grab the torx I needed to get my tailgate off for install...

The lightbar came with a 4 pin trailer harness which I cut off and spliced the wires into the wiring so my normal trailer jack is free.... Anyways - the thing works in every function except as a regular running light....

When my light switch is on shouldn't the bar be illuminated along with the brake lights? Then get brighter when I hit the brakes?

Right now it turns on only for blinkers, Brake and reverse... But doesn't act as running light like it should.... I know power is to it- I also know its wired correctly....

I'm pretty sure that this should be on when my lights are on what's the deal? I could fix this by splicing into my brake electrical easily but I think there is some malfunction with the truck wiring bc it should be on as a running light and it's not?

Does any fuse control just the trailer jacks "running" light feature?

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