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This has been irritating me for weeks now and I cannot figure it out. My left rear brake light and turn signal will not work. I've checked every fuse on the interior fuse box and in the fuse box under the hood. Replaced the flasher, replaced the bulb twice and still no luck. Also when I hook up my trailer the left side turn signal and brake light will not work on it. My parking lights work, my front turn signals work, and my reverse lights work. Just not my left brake/turn signal. Everything else seems to work just perfectly. :mad: (Don't know if this is related but ever since I purchased the truck the cruise control hasn't worked)

Only thing I did recently was change the radio head unit in my truck. Only thing anybody could tell me was I might have pulled a plug loose in the steering column since my truck is a tilt wheel. I removed the steering column cover this morning and the plugs seems to be locked in fine

Somebody please throw me some more ideas because it's driving me batty and I hate pulling my trailer without a brake light and turn signal.

Oh BTW my truck is a 97 F250 4x4 ECSB 7.3L that is bone stock with 130K
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