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I'm curious has anyone ran led bulbs in there headlights yet and if so how was light output and beam angle? What brand did you go with? What hid kit are you running, any issues or problems with one light not coming on having to turn on off couple times to get on etc? Anyone have had both, which setup is perfered?
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I don't think the technology is there for LED's yet. I put LED light bars on my 6.4 and it is so fricken bright it's crazy.

That's probably your best bet!!
I have DDM hids in my truck using the oem light buckets. You must go with the bi H13s (55w) they give you the high/low but more importantly they come with their own wiring harness. Cheap kits use the power from the truck system and this causes low power issues. I haven't had any problems with them. They light immediately (take about 20sec to full power) but also have not been flashed and have been behind a police car several times with no issues. Their lifetime warranty is only for the lifetime of the conversation you are having with them... but their kits are so cheap you can just buy another one if you have problems.
There is led bulbs. Another member I know has them and he said the LEDs are way brighter but hi/lo isn't much difference.
See that's what I'm curious about
Friend of mine is running the leds in his is like night and day difference. He ordered his off amazon for ~$70. He says same thing not much difference in hi/lo.
What's beam pattern like? So there much brighter then hid's?
LEDs have come a long way in the past several years, but they are still not bright enough for low-beam replacements. In addition to the current lack of brightness, the reliability isn't quite there yet.

You'll get better results with a quality 35 watt HID conversion kit, and it will last longer as well.

Nick C.
I sell True Projection hids and compared to Hi end LED headlights there is a big difference..Hids hands down better low or LED light bars....they are better.
If you need an incredible amount of light output, for off-road use

a 50" light bar is the best thing to add

They are several times brighter than HID headlights

Nick C.
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Yes led light bars are the brightest out but not looking at driving around with light bar on. I'll be running rigid dually lights for fog and have had hid's in headlights before just wanted input on led replacement bulbs in headlights
Im running Lifetime LED bulbs in my headlights at the moment. I like them a lot better than the HID's I had in before. My truck is an 02 with 05-07 headlight housings, so its not exactly the same as yours, and the pattern may be different.

The pattern of the HIDs was all over the place, the LED's have a much more crisp and clean output. If I need more light on the back roads I'll flip on one of my 20" light bars.
A 400 watt LED uses the same amount of electricity as a 400 watt HID. LEDs tend to run cooler and can save ventialtion costs. But both LEDs and HIDs need to have good ventilation, the LED will require it to cycle less often.

Grams per watt is a retarded measurement that tells nothing without a time stamp and is used mostly by braggers or spaced out book authors. Never go by that and stay away from wild claims that use it.
It is not safe to use LED bulbs in your headlights. You are adding a lot of glare (way more than even HID) because the LEDs are directional, not outputting light correctly at all.

See more here:

Picture of comparison to halogen:

These LED bulbs are great for fogs or auxiliary lamps but they should not be used in high beams or low beams.

Nick C.
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I agree with your warning about putting aftermarket bulbs (LED or HID) into OEM housings. Your headlight reflectors aren't simple technology like the flashlight that's in your toolbox, a HUGE amount engineering goes into designing the reflector surface so as soon as you put in a bulb that has the light source in even a little bit of a different position you get light going in directions that it becomes a hazard to oncoming drivers. The ONLY way I'd put in something like a HID setup would be a true conversion like CT Performance Inc does.

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