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Leaking coolant. Can't pinpoint spot. HELP!

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Every day whenever I go crank up the truck cold there is always a puddle of coolant on the ground. Been going on for over a month now. First we suspected EGR delete tube which was in fact leaking so we added extra hose clamps and that was that no more leaks. Well this week it did it again, we checked the EGR tube again and this time only a slight bit of residue but no leaks. I am detecting the leak from the rear part of the passenger cylinder head and it seems to be dripping down on the leaf spring, in that vicinity. I can't really see the head that well but from what I can see I really don't see any residue. A little moisture but not much probably from air moisture. Can it possibly be a head leaking? I am not puking any coolant out the degas or bubbling nor is there any white smoke or oil and coolant mixing.

An added plus, I never see any leaking when hot and it does hold pressure. This whole thing is freaking me the hell out as there are so many things going on in my life right now. I just don't need any truck issues now, especially ones I can't figure out. I have an intercooler boot failure as well but at least I know that's the issue and its a pretty easy fix. This coolant thing I want taken care of.

Thank you.
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Are you having to add coolant? If not sounds like what you are seeing is the dripping from the drain tube at the ac box. Coolant does not usually drip on the leaf spring
Ya I am. My coolant is red. And the fluid dripping is red. No it isn't tranny fluid. I am 200% sure it's coolant.
Upper heater the vicinity of your climate control valve. If you have a coolant filter, that's usually where they are tied in as well.
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