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So, I’ve had my ‘06 for about 6 months now and am picking away at the little issues that were obviously ignored by the previous owner. I have a couple of things that I wanted some input on before I go down the rabbit hole and spend time and money I don’t need to. Diesel Dan (what my daughter has named it) is an ‘06 250 lariat

1. The horn. No bueno. Fuse is good, horn relay doesn’t click. I haven’t pulled the steering wheel apart as I haven’t had time yet.

2. Door locks. Bought new key fobs and doing the standard key on / off doesn’t work. Key pad on the door does.

3. Got a flat tire and found out I have TPMS’ in them. Obviously something is out of sorts there.

4. The 4wd vacuum is spotty. All new hubs, no leaks that I can tell, replaced the solenoid on the right (passenger) side and with a gauge the vacuum starts to come up then drops off after 3 seconds or so. Both l/s solenoids are working. Switch on the dash works as I can hear the motor engage the transfer case.

5. The vacuum pump cycles every 7-10 seconds or so. I checked and the vacuum never really drops more than 3-4 in-hg just sitting at idle with nothing in use. If it’s normal, then cool. Just seemed odd.

Any insight is appreciated. I’m planning a head swap / stud kit soon so I plan on tackling some of these while I have the truck apart.
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