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Ky Clutch

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I'm currently in the market for a clutch. I got a 99.5 f250 with 238/100s an a 38r on the way. I am considering ky clutch. The gave me a quote of 800 dollars for a double disk. They asked me what my driving style was an said they could build it. Have you all had any dealings with them? All feedback is appricated.
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I am curious as well, I have heard good things about them though. Are you planning to put it in yourself or did they quote you a install price?
I will be putting in it.
You got me excited and I called KY Clutch... They said the cheapest they could do a dual disc was about $1200-$1400????? You sure that quote wasn't for a dual friction single disc?
I'm positive it was for a dual disk, because I was asking them why I needed a dual (800) when I could get a single button clutch for like 600.
That's really weird.... I told the guy what you said here and he said no way that could be right.... Oh well hope it works out for ya.

If not and if you are interested I have a south bend con-ofek with flywheel and all that has less than 10,000 miles on it.... rated for 475 hp.... cost me just over $1000... It works great but I don't need that much clutch and am thinking of going to an organic for the smoother engagement while my engine is out.... If ur interested pm me w a phone number.
I will call again an talk to them. It was a few months back .
Just talked to them . You are 1000% correct. I may have told them before I didn't need a flywheel, I ain't sure but he was a very smart guy.
Oh well.... Would have been awesome if we could have gotten dual discs for that price.
I'll be ordering one as soon as my turbo comes in.
I just ordered my southbend HD organic today... Guess I gotta advertise the CON OFE.

Make sure and keep us posted on how you like the ky double disc when you get it
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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