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Just shut down

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I have an '05 only things done to the truck are turbo back cat delete 4", S&B intake system, and a coolant filter the truck only has 50k on it. Been running great all packed up going to the race track and 10 miles away from home going about 60-65 mph in tow mode the truck just shuts off no sputter no rough engine no nothing just stops running, coast to the side of the road put the hazards on try to restart it cranks away but no joy :confused:
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There is more than a few things can cause it to just quit. Any codes? How much ICP pressure does it have? If it doesn't have 500psi of ICP when cranking then the first thing I would do is remove IPR valve and see if the screen has a hole in it, if it does then a piece of debris is probably stuck in it.
Really need codes first.
Was the injector leaking ICP from the top seal? A bad injector is not going to make it just shut down.
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