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Hey guys I just purchased my first diesel I picked up a 2006 f350 Lariat 4x4 CCSB with 140K miles never chipped just Turbo back exhaust and AFE intake and Fabtech 6" lift. My last truck was a Nissan Titan that I put a blower on and had two pistons come apart on the dyno when I started playing with pulleys and bumped the boost up and added water meth.

When I took it home the truck needed tires and at the time when looking at the truck I thought it had a power steering leak and the steering was sloppy so I made deal with the previous owner and took the truck home.

Turned out once I got it home and inspected the truck further the leak was fuel from the top fuel filter from the fuel regulator spring so I picked up a blue spring fuel regulator kit and replaced the leaky O-ring and no more leaks. I also tightened the steering box adjustment by turning it in until it got tight and then back 1-1/2 turns so it doesn't tear up the gears in the box and it helped a little but it is still a little sloppy so I will be looking into a red head steering box replacement. For tires my friend had Bfgoodrich Allterains that only had about 5K miles on them for 300 bucks so its almost ready to go.
tonight I also changed the oil with Rotella T6 synthetic..

For this truck I just ordered a River City EGR delete, OEM oil cooler kit, sinister Diesel coolant filter, OEM intake gaskets, OEM exhaust gaskets, Turbo bolts, OEM head gaskets, ARP head studs, and SCT tuner that I would like to throw innovative diesel Extreme X tune from Eric.

Well sorry for the marathon post but let me know if I am headed in the right direction to get this truck running right and not have to worry.
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