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just leveled her out!!

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Hey everyone just leveled my 96 f250 reg cab 4x4, now onto rims and tires. Im looking at eagel alloy 058s in 16x8 and 16x10 4.5bs. With 33x12.5x16 (305x70r16) either size really doesnt matter bfg all terrains. So will 16x10s with those tires fit on my truck with a 2inch level? I think the 16x10s would look better but not sure if they will be to wide.
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I would pay attention to the wheel back-spaceing. You could run the risk of rubbing on the frame and such. Hopefully somebody else would have a real answer, I'm curious too.
backspacing on these wheels are 4inch on the 16x8 and 4.5inch on the 16x10
Bump. I'm also curious about your setup. Any update?
how did you level it out? what lift did you use or did you use a add a leaf kit?
Curious as to what you used to level it out. I m looking at doing the same with my truck.
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