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Just joined PS Nation

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So this is where all you cool cats are hanging out at now.
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Yup Welcome man someone close to home Im a firemen over at Dale City Company 13.
I grew up in Birchdale the second section built in Dale City when nothing was around but trees and dirt roads and farmland where the BJ's is now.
Which house is company 13? What section of Dale City?
From the looks of your avatar it looks like Hillendale.
Am I right?
Glad to see you made it,now go put Matt's truck back together for him.
Bogger, it seems Matt is playing the Waiting Game:(
First it was the Crying Game:rolleyes:
It looks as though the rebuild will be riding shotgun on the way back from a family reunion:redspotdance:
Hopefully you will also be able to help out as well.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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