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Just fishin for Ideas.

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As some of you know I am in process of putting a psd in a 78 ford crewcab.

If you had your choice how would you go about it?

I am thinking superduty computer and guages an harness. I am going to retrofit the Superduty stuff into the old cluster.

Standalone tranny (prob Bauminator).....would you all go e4od? or 4r100?

And have not decided wich route to go with turbos. Either twins, or a good single.

I am going to use this truck to haul a camper and the it has to be streetable.....But really looking for all the power I can get as well.

Shoot me your thoughts?

It already has a D60 in the rear, I am thinking I am going to leave it and just get the 60 hung under the front as well... Air locker front and rear. Anyone have experience with these? going to hold up to the drag racing abuse?

Suspension will be a triangulated 4 link front and rear with air bags for the ride.

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I would use a pre - '02 harness/pcm. You won't need the trans controller, and use the latest 4r100 you can find, they are the strongest. Oh and stay away from that '01 4r100 mechanical diode trans, it is junk. '02 is way better. And maybe stick with a big single like the H2E. You will need to retrofit some kind of speed sensor to that d60.
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