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This is a copy and paste of RescueF250s post on the org...

Please keep this thread clean and only for people that are going and looking for info. Here is a head count from the folks Ive heard, seen that have posted up in the other thread. If your seriously intersted and to fine tune your truck live tuning is the best route to go, also not many ppl get a chance to live tune unless you drive to a vendor or go to event that host it. We are lucky to have someone willingly to come and do this. Between me and Lowflyin we are trying to organize this, We would like a good turn out for this as well.


Please let me know if you have any questions, if you want to participate please let me or RescueF250 know ASAP, this is like he said short notice... we do need people serious about it to get their name in to reserve a spot. Gonna have a answer to him no later than wednesday

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