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Hey guys and girls here at Complete Performance we are now a Jimmie Jammer Dealer.

What is the Jimmi' Jammer™ ?

A custom formed steel plate that bolts to the backside of your door handle, preventing thieves from prying into the handle seam or punching the lock cylinder into the door.

The photo shows an actual door handle that was jimmied by a thief...

In this case, the thief pryed under the handle to get at the lock rod inside the door. Others may try to "punch" the lock into the door, breaking the handle plastic, easily and quietly gaining entry.

This can be prevented!

Each Jimmi' Jammer™ kit is

* Made from solid heavy gauge steel.
* Anti-corrosion protected.
* Bolts right in, no cutting or drilling.
* Comes with complete instructions and window warning labels.

Each Jimmi' Jammer™ kit contains

* Two plates, driver + passenger side.
* Two window warning labels.
* Complete installation instructions.
* Any necessary hardware.

PM us with your needs and we will work with you to get the proper Jimmi Jammer for your truck.
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