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Jax' 00 F350 7.3L Truck rebuild . . . .

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OMG, What have I done?!??!?! Mileage 294,166




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Nice truck Jax!

So you thinking compound turbos and like 300/200 injectors, right? 😝
I'll post specs as soon as I figure them out. Anyone need wheels?
Im interested in them if you wanna get rid of them.
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dual compound turbos, methanol and nitrous injection, 300/200 injectors, quad HPOP's, hood stacks, and coolant passage filled block.
going for 3000 hp to show the cummings boyz how to build a real deezle
Sounds like a party to me. 😁
jax you have an add-a-leaf and they deleted your track bar.

you just have to take apart the leaf pack and pull a couple Leaves.

I’ve got my OEM track bar you can have for free. Im running an adjustable
New Question - Buzz test was passed successfully. But the KOER Cylinder Contribution Self Test . . .

===DTC P0284===
Code: P0284 - Cylinder #8 Contribution/Balance

Module: Powertrain Control Module

Diagnostic Trouble Code details

Cylinder #8 Contribution/Balance

This DTC may be caused by :

Internal engine components

Possible causes are:

Fuel Injector

Valve train assembly

Compression rings

Refer to the vehicle Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) Manual for specific diagnostic steps.

Note: The A/C must be off when carrying out the KOER cylinder contribution test.

===END DTC P0284===

Helluva list. Does this mean I should rebuild sooner rather than later?
What color is your CPS?

The grey ones have a tendency to throw that code even if it’s not actually a problem.

I bet you won’t need a rebuild for a while.
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Engine has 295,400 Miles on it. Best to rebuild soon, right?
I’d personally just keep trucking. No need to rebuild until it needs a rebuild.

Mine has 200,000 and practically no blow by. The mechanicals on these engines are extremely long lived.
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But . . . but . . . it needs Injectors! 200/30 . . .

Hey, what kind of Garrett has a 3" intake? I'm looking at it; and it looks funny . . .
Nah, it needs 238/100s 🙃

probably the stock one.
And what brand

Garrett makes a stock turbo? What a waste.
All the trucks shipped with a Garrett turbo from the factory.
I’m a cynic on all the diff cover stuff.

Lots of trucks with lots of miles that never did diddly on the diff cover.

I’m running factory. Will continue to run factory diff covers.

Look at a big rig. I cannot remember a single one I’ve ever seen with a finned diff cover.
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Agreed. Mostly.

I've never seen a "big rig" with a diff cover at all. I've seen some heavy spec rear ends with pumps, filters and coolers, but never seen one with a diff cover, any diff cover.

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You know. About once a week I feel like an idjit.

Good news. I’m already done with the week!
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Hey, just because I haven't seen it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

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My comment plumb forgot that big rigs don’t run a rear diff cover.

Don’t sugar coat it. I was being a dumbass.
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G.R.O.A.N. . . .
another thought from a peckerhead who loves his truck too much:

exactly how much do you expect to be 4wd?

If you are not in 4wd then you aren’t building heat and there is no point in having a finned diff cover.

If you’re in 4wd then you are in conditions where a finned cover is likely to be clogged up and cause more detriment than good.
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It's your money, and your preference, even if you just want it because it looks cool.( Is that considered a cooling effect?)

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if it’s not removing temperature the only “cooling effect” it can have is painting a Texas flag on it. 😬
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What does the front center cap look like on a 4WD?

The 99's look like this: 1999-2004 Ford F250SD F350SD 2000-2005 Excursion # C3338 Center Caps NEW SET/4 | eBay
It looks the same only with a hole in the center. I’ll shoot you a pic when I get home to my truck.
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Well the finned cover discussion is probably over but I wanted to show you how my Dana s110 diff looked, it's from a 2006 f450, something like 14,000# can go on the rear, and it's a 4.30 do it sees a lot of spinning, notice how it's a third member removal and no diff cover.

I was just cogitating on this.

Banks has a video where mostly he is trying to sell his fancy ram air diff cover, but in it he talks a lot about fluid dynamics and cooling.

Despite his salesmanship, I’m even firmer in the factory diff cover club now.
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Sprechen sie Englese? 🤨
SWAG - Elec Switch on the Fly?
a SWAG is a scientific wild ass guess.
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Yup. Ass down, nose up. Cali lean baby!!
It’s what all the cool kids are doing!
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They may think it is cool, I think it looks stupid.
I’m just messin.

I have literally never met someone who thought Cali lean looked good.
centric claims they are usa made, but i do not believe it.
internet search claims no rotors or drums are made here anymore. all coming from china or taiwan
I’m pretty sure SSBC are made here in the US.
I’ve got a hicky I’ve gotta get fixed on my truck.

But my main body work guy dropped a car on himself last year, then got rona, then came up with cancer.

My other body work guy retired and sold all his tools.

I don’t wanna shop for a body work guy 😩
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