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Welp, finally got the trans back in and buttined up with the new V10 cooler. That turned out to be a REAL pain in the ass.

The transmission r&r itself was real easy, but me and one of my mechanics literally fought with the dipstick tube trying to get it back in and bolted up for an entire day! There is just no room to wiggle around that 4" downpipe. Does anybody know if they make a flexible dipstick tube that we can use on our trucks? We ended up taking the exhaust and downpipe loose, getting the tube in as far as we could (it was still out about an 1/8") and putting a hose on it to keep it from going anywhere.

Then the V10 cooler. My arms just plain ole won't fit between the evaporator and the intercooler (found this out after fighting it for about an hour). So, off came the grill, headlight housing, and manuvered the evaporator out of the way as far as I could without having to empty it. Still not sure how I did that without letting the gas out. After that it went in easy enough.

Got everything buttoned back up and took it for a test drive. Everything felt great but I noticed my temps were already at about 160 and the truck had only been running for a few minutes. I drove about 5 miles and the temp got all the way up to 200! Hooked my AutoEnginuity up to it and it looks like my trans temp sending unit is bad as it read 160ish. This was backed up by the factory idiot light which stayed below the halfway mark.

So now I feel a little better, until I go to Popeye's. I pull up to the drive thru and here a slight rattling noise. I'm in park so I flip the tc lock-up switch and it goes away!:LAME: Brand new Precision Torque converter! I'm gonna drive it around the next week or so and see how it does, but looks like I might have to pull it yet again to swap converters.
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Congrats Danny! Now go lay down some 11's!!
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