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Okay, here's a question for ya...What tends to go wrong with the IPR? Working on another customer's truck & he says his IPR is going bad or is bad. Then he told us you can fix the IPR for free with nothing more than a grinder or something like that. He wasn't very clear on it but want's it fixed.:poke:
If anyone knows anything let me know, because I'm stumped!:shrug:
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Why would you do that?

You can take the IPR apart and clean it, if that doesn't work replace it.
It's in the back of the HPOP, and it looks like an IPR. LOL

Check this out

The tool the make is not necessary, but makes it easier.
There are no codes that show up on the scanner. Also there are steel shavings on the oil dipstick too. I agree 170k isn't alot of miles. But if the owner neglected his truck badly it doesn't matter how many miles it has on it.
I missed that part! :eek:

I would find out what is causing that NOW!!! Turbo dying would be first guess, pull intake tube and inspect it.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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