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Okay, here's a question for ya...What tends to go wrong with the IPR? Working on another customer's truck & he says his IPR is going bad or is bad. Then he told us you can fix the IPR for free with nothing more than a grinder or something like that. He wasn't very clear on it but want's it fixed.:poke:
If anyone knows anything let me know, because I'm stumped!:shrug:
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Thanks, does anyone have pictures? I still don't even know where it is!:shrug:
Okay don't laugh, but I still need to know where it is first & what it looks like.:poke:
Thanks WeWeld that's just how I wanted to hear it & that's for the link Greg.
We drove it around the block a few times & I wonder if there is not something even worst happening right now. When you put the pedal to the floor it has almost no power. My IDI can whoop on it all day long. It has some kind of unknown free flow muffler with a 5" side can welded to it. But I don't think that's the issue here. When you start it up it puts out a little puff of white smoke. So I'm thinking the HPOP is starting to go weak.:shrug: The guy had a chip in it before, he didn't know what kind but said he didn't like it & pulled it out. I think at 170,000+ miles as a everyday work truck & plow truck the motor is just getting tired too.
Any input on this would be great.
There are no codes that show up on the scanner. Also there are steel shavings on the oil dipstick too. I agree 170k isn't alot of miles. But if the owner neglected his truck badly it doesn't matter how many miles it has on it.
I'll check out the turbo wheel for play & see what it looks like. I also found out that the guy changed his oil every 15k miles!:eek: He also has run it hard since he got it & it more or less shows now.
Well, we found & fixed the oil leak. It was coming from a loose bolt below the fuel bowl. (I'm thinking HPOP resuvar) We tightened it & no more oil leak. :D
Still have to figgure out where the shavings are coming from.:poke:
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