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International MXT 6L performance

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I have a co-worker who is drooling over an MXT. He has heard me talking about powerstroke performance so he asked me if I knew anything about turning up the 6L. I told him I didn't know the difference between the Ford 6L and the IH 6L and what would or wouldn't work.

So are these good trucks? Does anyone have any experience? Can they be turned up? How much of the Ford 6L performance stuff like programming will work on one? I am sure he could find a shop to do the exhaust and such custom, and I know he likes to spend money. :gun:

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the IH 6L is detuned, it doesn't rev out like the ford 6.0. i don't know any other differences. my understanding is that they have had good luck with them. as for anything else, i am not sure, maybe DART505 will chime in as he knows quite a bit about IHs.
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