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have intermittent no start no smoke issue.

Truck -96 240k miles 7.3 powerstroke E4OD, stock except air filter.

New, starter, new batteries, New IPR, new fuel filter, new cps (grey) good Glow Plugs.

when no start there is 0 icp, no change when unhook ICP sensor and no smoke out the tailpipe. When it does start it drives perfect. and good pressure on both IPR and ICP at WOT and idle. I
have a Scan Gauge II as a monitor

pass injector buzz test. no codes either.

How much should the tach move when crank? This "No start no smoke" doesent seem to occur when i recently started the truck. Outside temp does not matter

Edit: I have Torque app and car gauge pro. What values/pids am i gonna look at for best troubloeshooting?

The truck has had this problem for over a month. Doesent matter if it sits 3 weeks or 1 day. Never stalled out while running.

Took this pic while crank with no start.
From my torque app.

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