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hey i have a garet35 turbo with a wicket wheel compressor wheel and a afe stage 2 intake i need new injectors what sizee/brand injectors are a good match up with the combo i have i pull my truck often but its also my daily i want a bad ass truck power wise what do you guys think is my best option

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First stop and take some time to post in a coherent way. I know you may be on a phone or something but how about not one paragraph length run on sentence with nothing spelled correctly LOL:doh:


So you have a (garet35)Garrett 35 turbo or is that a Garrett 38? As you mention a "Wicket Wheel", assuming you actual mean a "Wicker Wheel", it answers the question as to which 38 you have; a standard GTP38 and not a GT38r. You have a aFe Stage 2 Air intake. You pull with your truck often. It's also your unloaded daily driver. You want something that is going to work well with the above and at the same time give you as much power as can reasonably be had with those parts.

How about some more info.

What year is your truck? What is the model? How many miles is on it? What transmission manual or auto? 4x4 or 2x4?

You did not mention an aftermarket exhaust , down pipe, or muffler. Do you have one or is it still stock?

You did not mention if you have a chip or programer or what it is if any? Do you have one yet and if so what?

What about gauges? Do you have any such as boost, EGT, trans temp, fuel pressure?

If you do not have these yet you need to get them first or along with your injectors. I also suggest you start reading on this site and try to soak up as much info as possible. Take a look at the stick at the top for info on tuners their chips and programers. There maybe some year specific stuff you need to check on once we know the yr of your truck such as PMR or forged connecting rods.

But with stock turbo and HPOP I would suggest either 160cc-175cc with the stock nozzle these are also know by the generic name "Stage 1" or IMO a better choice 160-175cc/ 30% nozzle which fall under the generic name "Stage 2" but that name can also mean other configs as well. Learn the specific detail info when looking at injectors.

There are also a number of other things you will want to be doing to your setup to help improve it but you will learn more as you read if you do not already have the info.

Once you get us that other info I and others will be much better able to assist you with adding power to your truck. Please take some extra time on typing out your next post ;)


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