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Injector tips

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Help where is the best place to buy some good injector tips. That are new and extrude honed, I have just had my second injector tip crack and break going down the road. They are Hypermax stage II injectors and they work great other than this, It sucks being out on the highway and traveling and have this happen. What tips are the best for all around performance on stage IIs. And can you put tips on without completely taking the injector apart?????
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Wow, I agree with Geoff!

How big were they? I have DDP in my 95, truck runs perfect!

What did you do with them?
Smaller then .0085? Na..........;)

Of course, running twins, you better not be smoking or have a bottom end issue. Well, your engine bottom end might not be happy, LOL!
Nigel, run them! You would be surprised how well they work. You can always change them out later, if the need for more fuel arises.
Well then I shouldn't have a sig at all becasue I have never claimed to have a fast truck even on the net.
Now you know why I don't have a sig! Or I'm just too lazy to make one....:D
Well, I have personally seen pistons running 5 hole nozzles for over a year, and all marks are in the bowl. Matter of fact, I'm shocked how even the spray pattern was. Much better then I expected. The truck was/is running DP Tunes.

Again I stress, proper tuning is the key.

On edit: I can't comment on the 6 hole nozzles.
1 - 11 of 54 Posts
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