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Injector tips

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Help where is the best place to buy some good injector tips. That are new and extrude honed, I have just had my second injector tip crack and break going down the road. They are Hypermax stage II injectors and they work great other than this, It sucks being out on the highway and traveling and have this happen. What tips are the best for all around performance on stage IIs. And can you put tips on without completely taking the injector apart?????
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Yes, injector nozzles cracking is usually caused by nothing more than the EDM process itself.

Look at the stats of cracked bone stock nozzles.....

Swamps has a couple different Extrude Hone sizes to choose from produced directly from Brand New 7 hole nozzles. I believe you can still get the size I run although they usually sell some that flow slightly more than mine do.

Or you can get a set of new nozzles and send them directly to EH or your abrasive machining company of choice. Or send some good stock used nozzles. Mine were just a set I snagged out of the attic space at swamps taken off of someone's A-codes long ago. Balance like a charm.

And no, you do not have to completely disassemble the injector to swap nozzle assemblies. But you will need some general injector eticate to be follwed, such as STRENGENTLY keeping the nozzle and needle together between nozzle assemblies and if you ever even for a second forget which needle went with wich nozzle......trash them....:eek:

Or just send you injectors to swamps or another injection shop and they will handle the meticulous work for well as actually flow them to ensure they all balance for all other reasons maybe not having to do directly with the nozzles.

Good Luck.
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I would dare someone to run my nozzles and say anything about smoke, or having no bottom end....

I can take a set of .012 EDM nozzles and make the same complaint FWIW.

A .009 EH nozzle should flow the same as the above mentioned EDM nozzle.

A .0085 EH nozzle is a big nozzle. Would you not expect a .011 EDM nozzle to smoke like hell and be a turd on the bottom? Cause that's probably the equivalent.

JMHO.....well, that and the facts about EH vs EDM.

When going EH think smaller.
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I would have no trouble running those OEM 5 holers. Not to mention those are what Swamps has been running for YEARS. This whole in the bowl, out of the bowl is not an issue either IMO. I've seen too many pistons with 7 black spots on top of the piston to care about it either way anymore.
Bare in mind when comparing 7 holes to 5 or 6 holes. A stock 7 hole nozzle doesn't smoke mainly because it is TINY, lol.

Get a 5 holer that only flows what a .146 7 holer does and you woln't find any smoke there either.

Just keep the apples with the apples.


.146 mm^2 flowable area.
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