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Injector rebuild expert needed

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I had purhased a new used injector, installed it. The truck wold run, but was hard to start. I put ~50 miles on it @ highway speeds to get all the air out and it was still hard to start. I removed the valve cover again to watch the injector cycle oil as it should (spitting out the weep hole). I revomed this injector and replaced it with my old one, now the truck starts like it used to. Its apparent that the injector was allowing excess oil to pass by cause the low oil rail pressure. What would cause an injector to lose oil rail pressure? Possibly a bad internal o ring?

Ive already torn the injector down for inspection. I want to fix this myself not have someone else do it. These things don't appear to be too hard you just have to know the ins and outs of them to work on them.

I don't want to hear take it to so and so.....
My theory in life is that if they can do I then I can do it!!!!!

Any help would be much appreciated!
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did you try putting the solenoid from the oil one on the new one?
I checked the ohms. They were in spec.
I don't think they are as simple as just putting a new internal o- ring on. The parts have to be machined back to spec. The parts have to fit just right so when the oil side closes, it builds pressure to inject the fuel. If its worn it either won't seal the oil side or it won't build the pressure to inject fuel.
I do not think that any one is going to give you all the specs to rebuild your own. Sorry.
I don't know if the old posts are out there (on one of the forums I'm on), but there were some on doing the DIY Injector "upgrading" with disassembly and reassembly pics. I'm also not sure if anyone like Dipaco is selling any of the internal seals and such. Enough people messed up on doing the DIY mods that Rosewood Diesel (who originally sold the DIY kits) stopped selling them. Cheers!
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