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I cleaned my EGR valve three days ago. After I got finished I took the truck out for an run. I got no boost until around 2000 rpm with my SRL tune loaded. I loaded the stock tune and took it out again. This time I had no boost at all and the truck went all the way to 3k and would not shift.

I pulled the turbo apart today and cleaned it. After installing it I drove it with stock tune and still had no boost. My SCT says the vgt is at 85% until around 2100rpm.

Now my question is, Why would I get no boost at all on the stock tune and then get great boost above 2000 rpm's the SRL loaded? I'm sunning out of ideas of what to check. The boots have no holes also.

I checked for codes today and found
P0299 Underboost
P0404 EGR valve position control performance or range fault.

Is there anyone around the mansfield OH or an hour or so away that has an scan tool? I need to see what is going on with the truck and I dont have the money to just throw parts at it until it's fixed.
I'm ok with turning a wrench but I need to know what is going on with the truck.
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