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Dear Valued Customer,


As you may recall, in June of 2010 we renamed "ITP Diesel" to "Sinister Diesel" as part of our merger with another company. In November of 2009, when we first came up with the Sinister Diesel name, we took steps to avoid conflict with any other company using or desiring to use the "Sinister Diesel" brand. We have recently learned, however, that after we took those steps, but before we started using the name, another company registered the trademark “Sinister Diesel”.

We have always stood firmly behind our brand. It is of the utmost importance to us that our customers know exactly who they are dealing with, and that there be no chance of confusion in the marketplace. Therefore, we will be discontinuing use of the "Sinister Diesel" name. Please note the following changes with regard to our "Sinister Diesel" division:

1. Going forward, ALL retail sales operations will be handled under our "Strictly Diesel" division. This move provides the least possible disruption to all of our customers.

2. Our online shopping system has been permanently moved to Strictly Diesel, Diesel Vehicle Repair and Maintenance (click "Web Store" at the top). Feel free to check out the rest of the Strictly Diesel site, it's been recently revamped and is still being updated.

3. The manufacturing division of our company will be renamed once we've completed the due diligence to insure no further problems. This division will be a wholesale/manufacturing entity, our fuel systems and other custom "in house" products will be made and marketed under this brand, retail sales of these products will be handled through our direct retail sales division (Strictly Diesel) or our network of Authorized Dealers.

Please rest assured that EVERYTHING else will remain the same. We still have the same great staff, the same great products and the same great customer service.

Please accept our profound apology for any confusion that may have been caused by these changes. After nearly 10 years in the diesel performance industry, we are confident that we have the most loyal and understanding customers we could ask for. We are also confident that we are moving in the right direction and that these changes will not cause any problems for our customers.

Thank You!
Dennis Schroeder
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