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I posted this in the general discussion forum as well, but figured bringing it here couldnt hurt either :D

Guys, the days of my college career are drawing to a close, and I've been seriously looking for a career-type profession for a while now. I feel it is necessary to explore as many options as possible, and use whatever networks I have available to reach my goals. I consider PSN to be a substantial network of friends and acquaintances that do what we can (at least for the most part) to help each other when we can.

With that said. Consider this an "I need a job/I have a job for someone" thread... Maybe it would help some of us - who knows? I've seen threads/sections on several sites that have done a lot to help the members in the past

I graduate at the end of April with a BA in Risk Managemtnt, Insurance, and Financial Planning from MSU. I've got a pretty good GPA (3.23), with some experience in the auto body repair, auto insurance, small business management, retail sales, and customer service to name a few. I've written estimates, prepared and distributed payroll, handled countless customer interactions, including some serious issue resolutions.

I am a quick learner on many fronts, and I'm a people person at heart. Prefer not to be stuck in a cubicle, and thrive on flexibility and face-to-face interaction with customers and business partners.

I'm putting this up here so that if anyone has any suggestions, or knows of anything they are free to contact me here by PM, or give me a call at 662.418.0615

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