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Does anyone know exactly how an IDM determines errors? Are they true actual measured errors or calculated errors?

Case in point: A high to low injector error.
The IDM knows the constant high voltage side is ok but how? Does it reference a common to another source, or the completed circuit from the previous injector to determine the high side is ok? It then determined there was an open on the common injector side. Does the IDM truly measure the connection every injector firing looking for a complete circuit or does it use some other data (such as rotational velocity) to check for all good? If it doesn't see the desire result it then calculates the possible error.

The reason I'm asking is that there is a huge difference between a true measurement error and a calculated error, If it is a true measurement error there is only two possible scenarios, it is either true or false. True = there is an open circuit, False = IDM measurement is at fault.
If it is calculated then other variables come into play, True = the calculation is correct, however the information obtained to make the calculation could be false, bad or faulty sensors, poor compression, bad wiring, corrosion etc. etc.

To the moderators, I have another thread open with an intermittent CEL light, but I thought this topic was something that should be discussed separately. Please feel free to move if you think differently.
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