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Just thought I'd share :D

Little turd has got me from a roll a couple times cause he always goes rice on me and catches me when I'm lugging in overdrive, rips it for about 500 ft and lets off.

Well we first went from a roll, he was pullin me pretty good and even starin me down while he was goin by! (little prick)

I'm like WTF, so I get up to about 75 and truck will NOT go any faster and starts missing....

Then I realize I'M RUNNING OUT OF FUEL. lmao

I went and fueled up and found him. We went from a dig in 2wd and even with pedaling like CRAZY to try and quit spinning. Walked him like a rug.

He was :bow: when we got back to the strip.

"How much boost you runneen bro? Is pretty good iss fast homes." :D

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hehe, I think most of em are from CO.
Nah, Colorado is Subaru country. Don't think I've seen a Maxima in weeks. Cali is the world capital of rice burning. Here in CO we have to deal with those damn WRX's all over the place. My only hope against those little bastards is that I get the jump and pump enough smoke into his intake to choke out the car.
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