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Some background: I've got a friend who has a 2000 PSD. He purchased it used & inneed of a fair amount of work. The guy who did the work did what we shall call a sub-par job, and didn't even really finish all the work. But he did get the truck back & it was running until just recently. Now, it will crank until the batteries die, but won't ever fire. It's got half a tank of fuel & the batteries will crank it. This evening I went over & plugged my laptop in to run some AE tests. I was able to pull codes, and I got this:

Additionally, when I tried to run glowplug & KOEO tests, they failed with a P1668: Com/Bus failure error. When I ran a buzz test, I got the same error, but I noticed that the tach was moving like you would expect it to when doing a buzz test (there was no buzzing from the injectors, either).
At first I thought maybe the truck wouldn't start because there appears to be some issues with the airbag system, but the fact that I couldn't run
any tests leads me to believe that there is something more that is wrong, I just don't know what. It seems that it could be the PCM is toast, but I'm not sure. Any help, thoughts, opinions, etc would be appreciated.
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