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I love my truck

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I was out tonight and found a stupid kid in a 99 lightning. His truck was stock and he was blowing a bunch of smoke up some ricers A$$ about how his stock truck would go high 12's. Me being how I am I called him out on it. I have seen lightnings at the track and I think that the last stock one that I saw went like 14.2 at 96. So I asked him if he wanted to run. Him being even dummer said he wanted to go from a dead stop :badidea: my 4wd works now. I did a boosted launch and just ripped him outa the hole and kept pulling. Then we went from about a 40 roll and I was still able to pull away. He was not happy then what was even better was that he had his girl freind with him. I think he was embarrased. He would not stop to talk afterwards. So far I would say that my truck is doing pretty good and there is an abundance of stupid people where I live that don't realize that diesels can go fast. And what is it with the people that have titans that have a hard on and think that there stuff is fast i ran into one of them too and I have seen a couple with them around town that think that they are soooo fast.
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as long as he has a stoc supercharger and not a kenne bell you should not have a problem taking him in a short race like an 1/8 mile. I Can take a stock lightning or one with intake and exhaust from a roll of a stop. As long as it don''t have different pulleys Im good. But your truck has more done and is faster than mine so you should be good unless he has a different charger.
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