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I have problems.....

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Start off by saying I've had a check air filter like on for a week now.... Now today my intercooler boot came off. And I have antifreeze that came out of the bottle. Its all deleted. And it has been 10 degree I've had problem getting my coolant temps up to where they should be. Now idk if it makes a difference but I used normal coolant instead of diesel collant and I had a dealer put the ford coolant additive in it. I also put a peace of carboard on the grill trying to bring up the collage from 150 to 180ish. Idk if my intercooler is frozen up if that is such a thing?
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What does the filter minder show? Hit the yellow button in the middle of it to reset and the light should go away (for a little bit, anyway) and replace the filter.

The intercooler boot... It blew off, not 'came off' .. More info needed. There could be umpteen issues causing this.

Antifreeze coming out the degas, as you sure it's coming out of the cap? Has it been replaced with a new style cap? $8 fix at any fast food chain store.
Yes the intercooler boot blew off. And the cap has been replaced. this around that area that the coolant came from. . I don't know what the degas is. Not very good with the coolant systems.
My spartan says this for codes.P0275 Cylinder 5 Contribution/Balance
And she doesn't ideal like she normally does she kinda has a tick to her
. I don't know what the degas is
That's what the bottle the cap goes on is called.

What about the filter minder? It's right beyond the air filter box, small canister about half the size of a soup can. The sides of it are clear and graduated to show a percentage of restriction from the filter being clogged. There's a sensor in this and a wire harness coming out and on the very top is a reset button.. But a button about the diameter of a quarter and soft rubber in texture. Don't be afraid to push with oomph. When it resets you'll see the diaphragm inside release back to "0" and your dashboard warning should go away, for a little bit anyway. You need to replace your filter as soon as possible tho.

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Yes that filter minder is bad I need to get a new one. Do you think that its just that?
I put the boot back on and reset the air filter minder and started it up and it ticking really bad still
I remember before the boot blew the boost was constant. When I let off it stayed the same. And when the boot blew the truck shut off.
Is it misfiring? Or just ticking?
I think its a lifter or a injector blow out.
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