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I have a Oil Drinking fool !!! 7.3 Excurison

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I have 2001 Excurison. It is drinking oil. I have asked every one I know. Comes down to two answers. Turbo seals or a Injector o-ring. Happened all of a sudden. It will use 2 quarts in 50 miles. No leaking no smoke. Injectors have arond 20,000 miles since new. Question is how can I figure out what injector is leaking if it is? No crap I have put over 16 quarts of oil in it to keep it on the stick. It never used oil. Maybe a quart every 5 months. Thanks for any help.
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Cross-post here. Note some of the most active, experienced and helpful folks are on at least the top three diesel sites (some by same screen name, others not hard to identify) so cross-posting may not yield more info.

It seemed that the prevailing theory was sudden failure in one or more injector o-rings, though noted as a rare occurrence.

The turbo seal failure theory required 4 gallons of oil to be stored in the intake plumbing while engine operation remained normal; very unlikely.

So OP, is this a bona fide problem, or are you making it up to mess with everyone? :poop:
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