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With all my mods you won't believe what put me over the top. It's stuff i put in my oil its called nmh additive. Now cruising egt temps avg 500 degrees thats awesome for my 250/200 full force.

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Okay long list coming
1999.5 f250 4X4 ccsb 373 rear end
Automatic, and the truck is a key flicker as soon as i hit the key it starts.

"4 front to back Magnaflow stainless dual exhaust
250/200 full force
Alradco intercooler
Strictly diesel full fuel system front to back
Synthetic for all fluids
Aem brute force dry filter
Ccv mod
In tank fuel mods
Swamps and power hungry tunes
467.7 full irate kit
Adrenaline hpop
Swamps beehive valve springs
Swamps stage 2 push rods
Swamps head studs
4 guage a pilar
Schaffer 15w40
Nmh oil additive
Rancho 9000
Firestone rear air bags
2 strokstroke oil
31 row trans cooler
Arctic express fuel additive
New high torque starter autozone
that enough
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