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I Felt The Need For Speed

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8/11/07 I picked up mad_matt and we cruised up to Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun Maryland for a fun filled day of excitement and to also hang out with some other Diesel Nuts. Mad_Matt had bought a ticket from Dockboy months ago in hopes of running his truck down the track. Well mad_matt is still in the stages of getting his motor back together and is feeling the need for speed so we cruised 1.5 hours at a speed of 75-80mph till we got to the dragstrip. Since mad_matt had the track ticket and no use for it he gave it to me as I had the need for speed.

Here is my best time of 5 runs
R/T .573
60' 2.157
330' 6.420
1/8 10.037
MPH 67.60
1000' 13.171
1/4 15.839
MPH 84.41

Truck Weight 8340 lbs.

This was my first time at running down the track.:redspotdance:
My truck is a hog and it ran a little better than a snails pace.:rolleyes:

Thanks mad_matt for all the support you have given me.:cool:
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I thought your truck was running real well for the mods that it has and not to mention the extra 1000 pounds of stuff you had in it.
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