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i am new 95 psd need help pigtails/ valve cover gasket mess

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ok hi you all, i made the mistake of buying doorman valve cover gaskets, all the wires for the injectors were wired BACKWARDS wow lucky i only did passanger side. and when returning them i noticed the made in CHINA writing under the wires. any way the truck was running on 5 cylinders with the backwards wired gasket installed and also 2 new pigtails on the passenger side. no oil was coming out 3 of 4 on passenger side. so now i ordered motorcraft parts, but i still have the garbage doorman pig tails soldered in, and even with the old gasket installed ( which still worked ) it wil only run on 5 cylinders, since the gasket was actually wired backwards ( injector wires flip flopped ) would that mean the new pig tails were wrong also ? when i replaced them i cut and soldered 1 wire at a time so i know i didnt wire them wrong, it has to be the doorman pig tails right ? and also the injector shield ground wire is in there a bare wire wrapped with this tin foil lookin kind of stuff, could it be i did not wrap it back right ? but i am pretty sure it is the garbage backwards doorman pig tails that i put on, she ran great except a lil blue smoke and fuel smell, warning to all NEVER buy DOORMAN vc gaskets they are junk wired wrong and made in CHINA . any help would be appreciated thanks Rob:dfpsn:
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any help would be great, i am pretty sure the problem is the doorman pig tails but another opinion is always welcome thanks
First.....welcome to PSN

Second.....grammar and punctuation. The way you made your post (no paragraphs, run on sentences) is a turn off for most on here and they won't bother reading. I had to read your post three times to understand what your problem is.

You need to be more clear, the engine side pigtail or harness that goes to the pair of injectors? The wires on the engine side could be removed and relocated in the connector cavity if you have the proper Weatherpack tool.

Billy T.
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Thanks for the reply . It is the engine side pig tails that i replaced ( the ones that plug into the gasket ). And my only question is if the gaskets were manufactured wrong ( injector wires flip flopped ) would those pig tails match the wrong wiring of the gasket ?

it seems it must because its acting the exact same way with the old gasket and doorman pig tails.
not to be a jerk or anything but my above post is not a run on sentence, it has at least 4 periods and commas . I may not have capitalized every letter after the periods but wow is it that important ? sorry i have never had any complaints any where else
also thanks for your reply, but if it took you 3 times to read it and you still do not know what pig tail i am talking about then wow , there is only 1 place a pig tail connection can be replaced. And that is at the valve cover connection, the wires inside the VC gasket are called UVCH ( under valve cover harness ).
Perhaps you installed the valve covers upside down or something to make the wires backwards?
When I installed my Dorman valve cover gaskets I too went one wire at a time. The colors do not match up to stock but they are surely wired correctly, meaning each glow plug wire and injector wire was in correct position for the glow plug and injector location inside the valve cover.
Its hard to determine what you mean by was wired backwards.
Dorman valve covers are not the greatest, but they are definitely wired correctly
I'm running Dorman's on my 95 with 349500 miles on it and never had a problem with the gaskets. The only problem i had was had glow plug problems once and fried the gasket but guess what they are life time warrantied from O'Reilly's. it sounds like you either got something wired wrong or maybe just got a bad gasket. I would double check the wiring to my pigtails.
Just so you guys know. This thread is two years old. But thanks for the info.
I resurrect the dead! My search terms have no time limit!! Information is forever!!
Maybe he is still working on the problem!
I hope not. :cool:
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