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Hypermax stage 2 inj?

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saw these on another site for sale, single shot -stage 2's. price was fair
what do you guys know about these?
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Trying to gather parts and find time to get r done. Should be a fun truck when finished. I still can't stay away from the power stroke folk :D
Glad to see you still around Alan.

Mind if I ask what happened to the 7.3? I thought I saw where Shay mentioned that she sunk it or something to that effect? Does that mean boat ramp accident or did I just misread what happened?

Either way, good luck w/ the 5.9!
Boat ramp accident.:doh::(
Oh Jeez...I've had this nightmare before and because of it I will not let anyone near my truck at the boat ramp.

I bet at first he was mad but now he just has to laugh about it.

Maybe you did it because he was stalling about getting you your own BTS BO? That's one way to get the 7.3 parts you want. LOL

The 5.9 ought to kill. Good luck w/ it!
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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