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Hypermax stage 2 inj?

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saw these on another site for sale, single shot -stage 2's. price was fair
what do you guys know about these?
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I still can't stay away from the power stroke folk :D
And, I for one am glad for that. Since you're married to one.;):D
Glad to see you still around Alan.

Mind if I ask what happened to the 7.3? I thought I saw where Shay mentioned that she sunk it or something to that effect? Does that mean boat ramp accident or did I just misread what happened?

Either way, good luck w/ the 5.9!
Boat ramp accident.:doh::(

Then CR found real inexpensive (different from cheap). He couldn't pass it up.
Plus I will get all his PSD goodies.:D
No, I did not do it on purpose. And, yes it really did happen. He didn't blow his PSD and he did not just decide to go the CR route. He loved his PSD, but really wants to make more power and since we have a budget to live within, he decided to go this route. We know it won't be easy, but I do think it will be a little more obtainable by somebody like us with our funds.
The truck rolled into the lake off the boat ramp. It was running and that sucks. Thankfully it is a very clean, freshwater lake and it was only in for less than 10 minutes.

He was mad at first, I pretty much made sure I stayed away from him that first day. Friends stepped in to help out, so that was good. By the time, later that night, that he got back home from hauling it back, he had calmed down and had decided that it was more important that I had not gotten hurt (I almost got pulled under the truck when it went), and that the kids were not in the truck when it happened. It went so quickly.

He had a choice to make after it happened.......either move on, deal with it and fix it or act like a jerk, treat me like crap and make the suituation much worse. Thankfully he chose the latter. He realizes that it was an accident and accidents happen (my truck has a pretty good dent from his accident - oh well!). Somebody else reminded him that if his motor blew while on the track, insurance would not have covered anything. So, at least this way, they did.

Trust me, I cryed for a very long time after this happened. He was even telling his friends not to bring it up around me, because I was so upset about it. I still kinda tear up about it occasionally, but I have realized there are much worse things that could have happened, and so has he.

Bottom line:
18+ years of marriage and 21+ years of being together is more important than any truck out there.:D
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1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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