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NYFB. Thats what.
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I would like to think that is "sticky" worthy.

If your VGT turbo on your 6.0 Powerstroke is short of power, or making more boost than normal, here's the fix.

HarleyEdition78412 said:
Part Number from International is 1870713C91:

And here's how to perform the VGT cleaning: said:

July 15, 2006 - Revised August 11, 2006 The EVRT (Electronic Variable Response Turbocharger) is also known as a VGT or variable geometry turbocharger. It improves upon turbocharger design by changing the size of the vanes in the turbine housing, allowing control of boost by controlling exhaust turbine inlet pressure. The size of vanes changes positively as engine speed increases. At low engine speeds, the increased pressure generates higher boost than traditional turbine design.

The Garrett turbocharger changes exhaust air pressure by using piston to rotate a cam that rotates a unison ring which pivots the vanes. Pivoting these vanes controls the size of the opening between the vanes thus controlling the pressure of the exhaust gasses.....
As asked in this thread:

You can order this from just about any International or Diesel parts Distributor.

My two choices are Turbo & Diesel Injection of Indianapolis (they are a sister company of MANY ADS Certified centers) or Wabash Ford & Truck parts in Indianapolis.

Good luck and happy boosting.
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