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How to Ditermine difference between TA-31 and TA-357?

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I brought my 2015 F350 6.7 Powerstoke Chassis & Cab in to have the DPF replaced under warranty, after waiting a year for the part, and have a oil leak repaired.

I specifically asked for TA-31 RTV to be used in writing, and verbally, so my request would be documented. When I looked at the invoice from the dealer I noticed had TA-357 list under part/materials used for the repair which was not under warranty. The service advisor I was working with was out sick so I have to wait for him to return because no one else knew anything about it at this dealership.

Is there a way I can determine by the RTV color if ta-357 or ta-31 was used on my upper and lower oil pan? I’m going to be a little more than upset after spending just under 4k for the oil pan repairs. They also put the incorrect oil in the truck as well. They had 10w-30 list and I specifically asked for 5w-40. I would have brought my own Schaeffer’s 5w-40 but I had run out and need to order another 3 cases directly from Schaeffer’s.

You can get setup with a wholesale account with Schaeffer’s and account, the minimum purchase to receive wholesale pricing is $500, which also includes free shipping. ( case 6/1-gallon jugs $215.46)
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