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How do, gentlemen.

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Just joined. My wife and our special-needs son live on a small farm in west-central WV. I have an '03 F150 5.4, an '06 F250 6.0, and an '01 F350

My problem this morning is with the '01 F350. Been difficult to start past 2 days. Will start with a shot of ether (please don't shun me as I know it's bad to do, but the 250 is down with a bad brake caliper and I have to haul water for my family).

My guess is the glow plug relay. Here's my question: About 2 yrs back I replaced the glow plug relay with a Made in China unit. Went bad after 6 months or so. Replaced the China unit with a Motorcraft OEM and that was about a year ago.

Do any of you reckon that something else, in line, might be bad? Say a glow plug relay module or a glow plug controller? My guess is that a new relay with cure the starting problem, but probably won't cure the short life problem with the glow plug relays on this vehicle.

Many thanks, in advance, for any help.
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he is dealing with a 7.3, not a 6,0.
the stock glow plug relay are crap anymore. i use stancor relay.
not cheap at $56 but it will last forever so in the long run it IS cheaper than replacing 4-5 stock relays.
the one in my 02 has been in it for 17 years, the on in my 88 has been in it for over 25 years.
Obdlinkmx Bluetooth is a good adapter, but expansive at over $100 last I looked.
Basically and OBD bluetooth adapter will work with both forscan and torque pro programs on that Samsung android stupid phone
My bad, Captain. I didn't mention it specifically. When you get old like me (3 weeks from 65 and Medicare), you miss a lot, brother.
3 weeks from 65.....
you still a baby.
i used to ride my pet brontosaur to skool......uphill both the snow!!!
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first i would do is check the plug on the temp sensor.
the sensor is on top of the water pump next to the thermostat neck. remove the plug and short the wire to ground. the gauge should peg to full hot. if it does, than replace the sensor.
if the gauge does not move, than it may be the gauge is bad.
but to be honest i have never seen a gauge go bad, it is always the sensor unplugged, or the sensor itself is bad.
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and by the was, i was just busting your chops.
i am knocking on 67's door. my brain tells me i am still late 30's, but my body tells me i am late 130's.
if i had known i was gonna live this long, i would have taken a lot better care of myself!!
dad made it to 90 and would still be here, but he passed of kidney failure. mom is now 93 and still going strong.

yes key on in run position to test gauge and sensor.
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no problem. that is what we are here for, to help others............ (y)
and give each other a hard time.....😁
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oh and by the way, Jax ain't a feller. she is....... well, we ain't exactly sure yet what she is........besides mentally deranged!!! :ROFLMAO:
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