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Homemade Mini-Spring Pack Leveling Kit

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Hey guys. Had this idea after hearing so many people bad-mouth the use of the mini-spring packs on ebay. But there's not much to these, and if some of them aren't even made of spring steel (if someone could explain the difference to me, I'd really appreciate it), what's stopping me from throwing some plates together drilling a hole through them, and slapping them under my spring? So I'm looking for reasons and answers to the following questions.

Is there any support added to the existing leafs by going with some official DR pack as opposed to an ebay spring pack? Do the ebay types (plate steel from what I've heard) have any arch to them at all? If not, and I could fab some up on my own, what thickness steel do they utilize? Thanks in advance. And to please all the professionals out there, the $100 saved from building them myself would be put towards an adjustable track bar. Looking forward to the info in the professionally done VS. home made spring pack debate that is to come.
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How come no one likes the ebay kits? just because they are not made of spring steal or what? they are nice and cheap and do not look like they are machined too bad. I was going to get one off ebay unless someone can change my mind. 99 bucks is a way better price than some of the other mini spring packs out
Theres a kid on here running the MAXX Lift on his pickup.... i will be doing the same thing on my dually, i will go to a 5" traction block in the rear and a maxx lift 2.7 up front
I actually looked into that one as well. I talked to a place called custom diesel from tennessee yesterday who sells pretty much the same thing as maxx-lift for 30 bucks cheaper. i called them and they have a website so they sound pretty legit. Some places i call from ebay and they never answer so i cant go with them. I have called maxx-lift and emailed them and they get back to me too. this custom diesel has sold over 60 of there 2.7 inch leveling kits also. i am just curious if i can take a leaf out of the pack if I had too because i do not want my front end higher than the rear and do not want to get 350 blocks.
Can I take a leaf out of that pack if I had too because I have an f250 and do not want the front higher than the back. Also, do not want to get bigger rear blocks. Did you get an adjustable trac bar because i do not think I was going to. If anything I might just cut it and add a sleeve in there if my axle is off.
1 - 3 of 62 Posts
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