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Holy #### batman...installed a chip....

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I had a chip on my 5.4 and it made a small difference.....mostly in the shift strategy.

Just picked up a used Edge (that will see DP tunes very soon!!) and WOW.... I feel like a kid in a candy store. It made the truck feel like a rocket compared to stock. Can't wait until I get Jody's tunes on it....

It also seems to run smoother and quieter. This thing feels so strong I'm afraid to push it to the floor as I may leave the tranny behind!

Thanks for listening! (yes I know I need gauges!)
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I got to experience surge, not fun.

fun is hitting the go pedal at 75 and watching the car behind you get smoked :) (ok - only a little, but more than before)

Edge programming screwed my MPG computer up - it's showing 35.x mpg after 150 or so highway miles.
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