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I am a professional photographer, I shoot for the United Bucking Bulls Inc.

I shoot and sell photos onsite at their events as well as a few other events through out the year.

I have at least one event a month at Nutty Jerrys in Winnie Tx. Sometimes I have another event in North Texas, Oklahoma and maybe Kansas.

When I go to the event I have a table set up where customers come and look at photos and order them, and they are printed on the spot, I have a pro lab printer that we have set up at the table.

Job entails

Helping set up when we get to the event.
Running memory cards back and forth to me while the bull riding is going on
Using notes and ride sheets to sort the photos into specific folders
Showing customers their photos and taking orders
Editing photos & printing orders and handling the money
Keeping track of how many prints have been printed
Keeping the table organized and looking professional
Helping tear down after the event is over.

I would require someone 18+ and Dress Professional and live in the Houston Area or be able to be in Cypress when we need to leave.
Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop would be a plus but is not required.

How the weekend goes is like this, (Winnie Tx. Events)
Leave Friday at 2pm
Friday night Bull Ride at 7:30pm
Saturday Morning 2 year old Futurity at 9 or 10am
(Futurity is 2 year old bulls that are bucked with a weighted box, no rider)
Saturday night Bull Ride at 7:30pm

I pay for your food while we are there, and my hotels are covered by the UBBI.

Pay is usually $100-$150 per event bonus pending on net profit.

Now a little background on the UBBI, The UBBI is an organization that is partnered with the CBR (Championship Bull Riding Inc.) The UBBI puts on a Bull Competition for the stock contractors that own bucking bulls. Each contractor pays an entry fee for each bull, and the bulls compete against each other for points, and money. The CBR comes in and puts up money for their CBR Bull riders (have to have riders to buck the bulls with) The riders are compete against each other like a normal bull rider.

Now the good thing is, the UBBI is growing rapidly, and one day should be big with National TV time. If that happens this could be a full time gig with Nation wide travel.

First event is January 27-28, 2012 (Next weekend)

If you are at all interested please let me know and email me at

[email protected]

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