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Hi all, I thought an introduction before I start asking questions might be good. I have owned many different Ford vehicles, I finally got my first 7.3. I specifically wanted a truck that could run biodiesel and for towing my camper and motorcycle. My father has had his 99 since new and never had a problem with it. I found a Black 2003 Xlt Supercab 4x4 with 76,000 miles for sale. I was able to negotiate a pretty sweet deal. Unfortunately, it had been sitting for a year or so while the PO was in the hospital. It has some pretty ugly rust spots that I'm hoping to get taken care of soon and I had to put new rear calipers, valve cover gaskets, fuel lines, two batteries and an alternator. It has a edge chip and 4" straight pipe and k&n, it also came with topper. For 5000$ out the door I feel pretty stoked. I am a welder so I plan on repairing the cab corner and bed sides myself. Ill try and attach photos. My plans for repair and mods are as follows.

Rust removal/prevention

  • Mods:
Rear leveling bags
Fender flares
Update/newer mirrors
New wheels/tires

Any tips or heads up is always welcome. One of the first jobs coming up is removing the bed for better access to clean and coat my frame. I am planning on doing a wire brushing. Ospho, then red oxide primer followed by black topcoat( no rubberized stuff) One reason I got a good deal is because the PO had used a rubberized coating and it was am starting to peel and flake, it looked really bad, probably scared people off. Thanks for taking the time to read this and say hello! I am proud to finally be a PSD owner. My dream is to run 100% Hemp Seed oil Biofuel, I work in the cannabis industry and I am continually blown away by the powers of industrial hemp. From fuel, to bioplastics, to textiles. Henry Ford and Rudolph Diesel both understood that. Rant over :) I make welding artwork and I'm always looking for old parts to Upcycle. Like Gary the Garret Turbo I made years ago in school.

Thanks in advance!


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