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Hey Y'all!!

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just wanted to say hi! i like what ive seen so far hopefully i can learn a whole lot more!!! I'm a pretty diehard powerstroke guy, my wife is a die hard cummins girl! lol sooo neither of us are new to diesels. I think everyone has good info to share and I like communities that allow us to learn from each other, and show off a bit even! my names jeff! im in the army and work on helicopters and also at least once a week im doin something to either a powerstroke or cummins diesel... i think ive put more money into mods into my wifes truck then mine... buuuut what can you say gotta keep the woman happy that way i can stay happy... lol look forward to hearin from everyone!!

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thanks for yo in the hizzle sing up today :ford: :rockwoot:
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