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Hey everyone! My name is Jake, I am currently residing in northern Montana in Havre.
I currently do not own a PSD, I have been looking for an OBS CCLB 4x4, for a number of years now.

I have many many plans but not enough $$$ to do it haha. but who doesn't in some cases.

My objective would be to have the cleanest OBS around.

I would also throw in some goodies for some serious horses too.

I'm a pretty decent fabricator an I have the skills to do most of the work, except the machining (that will be brought up later)

The plan so far would to run around 600 hp.
to do that I would build a set of compounds, convert it to commonrail injection, and build the rest of the block to handle the air and fuel.

I do have a few q's fro some of you fellas, first of i'm looking for an OBS CCLB 4x4 stroker, milage doesn't matter, but I would prefer a 5spd, if its out there for the right price.

and second I would like to know where the best machine shop is in the MT, ID, WY region.

Other than that it'd be great to get to know a few of you guys, maybe some are up around my neck of the woods!

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