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Ok so, I thought I had an engine problem but after replacing the ICP and harness all of my feedback from the Torque app shows that Im looking good.

While driving the truck it will be driving great then all of a sudden it will feel as if Im loosing power and then truck with start to shake (just a little) until I let off of the gas. Then, if I push the pedal again sometimes it is fine others times it will continue the same problem. Also, if I put it into Neutral the engine revs up like normal.

It makes no difference if its hot or cold but its usually while cruising over 60 mph or accelerating quickly.

So far I have changed the:
ICP and harness
Vss and not the harness
EGT's normal
Boost normal
HPOP 24-2500 under heavy throttle
IPW 1.3-1.4
EBP 53.0 all the time no matter what
Trans temp normal
Fresh oil change and fuel filters

Any suggestions will be appreciated because Im at a loss.
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