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2004 6.0 egr delete no check engine light

my turbo is making high pitch squeal happens from about 1k-1800rpm but getting a lil worse

at first i had no power loss but after driving like this a bit (over1k miles probably) now im getting a little power loss accelerating from lower speed and a decent loss at higher speeds and dont want to drive the truck anymore

starts fine and has no smoke on start or while driving... runs and drives fine save for the power loss im now experiencing

i took off intake and checked for shaft play and found none and spinning easily/freely

looked around y pipe and other areas for black soot and found no signs would think if i had leak/crack after 1k miles i would see a clear sign... also no excessive diesel fumes to speak of

checked hose from map sensor to intake manifold ... looked to be in good shape

looked at piping/turbo connections didnt notice anything

checked odb on forscan light only seeing p2285 icp sensor circuit low but no signs of that (starts and idles fine no misfires that ive noticed doesnt stall).... i cleared this code and didnt come back when re started

i was thinging the vgt solenoid / turbo actuator / wastegate whatever you want to call it ... i disconnected the wire going to it and started... squeal was gone.... hit gas pedal a couple times to like 2k rpm and seemed normal and no squeel... also i havent heard the wastegate dump extra boost and cant get it to dump such as accelerating then letting off gas quickly ... i havent driven with the wire disconnected yet

is it pretty much gauranteed the vgt solenoid is not good or is there other things i should check before i get a new one? can i drive with the wire disconnected until i install a new one and what can / will happen if i do drive with the wire disconnected

any help greatly appreciated ive uploaded some vids for future reference to anyone else and help in diagnosing

engine bay idling

engine bay - YouTube

footbraking then accelating mildly

footbrake - YouTube

driving / accelarting

driving - YouTube

20230129 005728 - YouTube

20230129 010650 - YouTube

20230129 105334 - YouTube

i did a bunch of searching with no definitive answer so hopefully this helps someone in future also

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My turbo blew up on me. Pull your turbo and get it checked out. It sounds like it is about to blow. Severe damage would result.

your last three videos are private.

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thats what i initially thought from hearing it but i dont think its the turbo because like i said i removed the intake checked for shaft play and found none ... have no smoke at all.... and drove over 1k miles without any noticable power loss and the squeal went away when i disconnected the vgt solenoid

videos should be fixed

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i found these codes

p0046 turbo boost control 'a' circuit range / performance ... i unplugged the connector from the vgt and pcm and have continuity tho...

p0472 exhaust pressure sensor low ... checking tomorrow

p0470 exhaust pressure sensor malfunction... checking tomorrow

so far i installed new connector to the vgt solenoid ... i also ordered a new vgt solenoid and ebp sensor and ebp sensor connector

tried to check map/baro/exhaust pressure with obd2 but downloaded the wrong app cuz google is a dumb pos... downloaded forscan lite and will check tomorrow

any help or ideas on whats going on? im thinking to start with checking the wires from the pcm to the vgt solenoid connector and ebp sensor then if find nothing replacing the ebp sensor

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Sounds like you might need to check your EBP tube & sensor. I've read various threads on this subject & have seen conflicting info on whether the data from this sensor is just an inferred value or not.

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The straight scoop on the inferred EBP flash:

  • It was issued for 2003 engines. We know that the early '04's were 2003 engines.
  • If you have the ICP sensor on the passenger valve cover, then your strategy will use the EBP sensor output.
  • It was a flash update issued in mid 2006, so the PCM needed a strategy update after that issuance date to have the inferred EBP flash ("06E17action" or "Field Service Action 06E17" or "SSM 19141").
  • Some '03 engines did not have this flash applied, but the majority did.
  • Ford might be able to look up the VIN number to see if you had that update applied.
  • If you have ever had the P132B code, then you have had the update applied.
The reason for inferring the EBP number from other sensor inputs is because of issues Ford was seeing with the reliability of the early 03 EBP sensor.

P0046 is an electrical code for the VGT actuator, its connector, or its wiring.
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