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To all of the great guru's of PSN, I need help.

I just installed a Recon 60" LED 5-way tailgate light bar and opted to hardwire it in instead of using up my 4-way. I had previously hardwired their mini tailgate lightbar with no issues so I figured this would be a snap.

I hardwired all of the wires into the wires on the 7-way plug. The lightbar works perfectly when the truck isn't started. Once you start the truck, the running lights and the reverse lights work but the blinkers and brake lights do not work on the lightbar. I have no codes on and everything else works fine. Has anyone encountered this issue before? I am at a total loss and have tried everything I know of. Don't understand why all of the functions work perfectly with the truck not running but once you start the truck, they don't.

Any and all help/suggestions you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!


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