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I have a P0275 code on my 03 6.0. Injector #5 fault or inbalance, I think.
I was just randomly checking for any dtc codes with my livewire and this popped up. Once in a while I notice truck will have a little hiccup/miss or a rough idle, but it only lasts for just a second or two. I've noticed it maybe 2 or three times in the last 3 months,
Truck has 85,xxx miles and is stock. I occasionally run canned tunes for a short perriod of time on the Livewire. Truck has been stock for 99% of its life. Just put in a new icp sensor and new harness less than 500 miles ago.
How can I check for open or shorted circuit, poor connection? Can you flush/clean the injector?

I would like to make the repair myself with guidance from this site.

Any ideas or suggestions??
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